Criminal Defense in WI

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Wisconsin is always an ideal course of action. Furthermore, asking the following questions are also crucial.

  1. Do you know your rights?
  2. Do you understand the bail process?
  3. Do you know what crimes you have been charged with and the implications of these charges?
  4. What is the legal process that follows your bail hearing?
  5. Have you been accused of a misdemeanor or felony crime?

Unfortunately, most people who have been charged with a crime for the first time do not have the answers to these questions,

First, it is essential to understand that you have the right to legal counsel if you have been arrested for any reason, even if you have not officially been charged with a crime. This is probably your most important right!

Next, you have the right to remain silent and not answer any questions directed at you unless your legal representation is present. In fact, most attorneys recommend that any person who has been arrested say nothing until they have a criminal defense attorney present. You could implicate yourself or open yourself up to greater charges if you do not understand what you should say and how to say it.

You also have the right to a fast bail hearing. Without an attorney to ensure that you have a bail hearing, you could spend an extended and unnecessary amount of time in jail until your case is heard in court. Your attorney will ensure that you have a quick bail hearing and that a bail amount is set in a fair manner that is equivalent to the charges.

Once these first steps have been taken care of, your criminal defense attorney will examine your case and begin the process of developing a defense strategy that will suit your unique situation. They will help determine whether it is in your best interests to plead guilty and settle for a lowered sentence out of court or whether a not guilty plea and a trial will be best.

They may also investigate the circumstances surrounding your case to establish the facts and find evidence to present to the court that supports your defense.

Of course, it should go without saying that if you have been incorrectly charged with a crime, it becomes even more important to get legal advice and representation immediately. On the other hand, a criminal defense attorney will not and should not take into account your guilt in the matter while providing you with the best defense that they are able.

Remember, that in the United States, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Your attorney will ensure that the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor in providing a fair trial to establish innocence or guilt.

Always keep in mind that criminal charges of any kind can have long-term, severe consequences. There simply is no question – if you have been arrested or charged with any crime, it is highly recommended to employ the services of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible!